#throwback : First semester

On 18th December 2013 , I am done with my diploma . Weehoo ! But I haven't grad yet . Maybe this October . Although I am not very satisfied with my overall cgpa , but I'm still glad I've made it above 3.00 . There are so many experience I gain , so many people I met , so many kind of attitude I saw . Well , all of that makes me more mature . I guess . Haha .

My life as a student did not end there . On January 2014 , I've registered myself as a Bachelor of Education (Hons) TESL's student . Still in Unisel . And I've just finished my first semester . As usual , I did not satisfied with my result . I know I can do better . But I will try harder next sem . 

There you go . A few month's story in two short paragraphs . I don't really know what to write actually . My memories when I'm still active with my blog suddenly pops up in my mind . I'm still in Form 6 if I'm not mistaken . Almost everyday I will post as many entries as I could . 

But since I'm very busy with my packed schedule (kalah pak menteri) , it's hard for me to find the right time for my blog (padahal banyak tidur) . Hihi . Till we meet again , bloggers (bajet ramai yang baca blog aku) .

P/s : Don't underestimate yourself too much . And don't be too cocky (sikit-sikit boleh) .

Peace !

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Mel berkata...

Alhamdulillah atas 3 pointer. tapi sekarang dunia makin mencabar. 3 pointer pun belum tentu boleh dapat kerja. Semoga berjaya tingkatkan prestasi amik degree nanti! ^^