eRezeki Global High Income (eGHI) Program


It's been a week since the eRezeki Global High Income (eGHI) program ended. I enrolled the program on October 23rd, a day after my birthday (:

The first time I heard about the program was when I visited a career fair in Cheras with a friend. The organizer pasted job titles along with the details on a whiteboard (it is really convenient) and we came across this one translation job if I'm not mistaken (or something to do with language). But there were no form to fill and we get curious. So, we just go the the booth. Then, Mr Rosli (MDEC rep) explain to us about the program.

eRezeki is a program under Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in collaboration with Digital Content Alliance (DCA) that gives opportunity to Malaysian to generate online income. Throughout the 3 months program (I choose to be located in Penang), we were trained on how to set up and manage platforms (to bid for jobs), prepare portfolios, write work proposal, and deal with clients.

During our time here, we were provided with accommodation, meals, and transportation. The office is located in Anjung Budi, USM. And this is where I met a lot of awesome people. I feel so small every time I'm in the office because they have great background. But, there are all cool people. Some of them are retiree, some of them had just finish their study. As for skills, there graphic designer, web designer, translator, transcriber, writer, videographer, photographer, and many other skills.

Apart from bidding for jobs in the office, we were also given the opportunity to do outdoor activities. We got the chance to visit USM Museum (yeah, there is a museum in USM. Awesome!), jungle trekking in Taman Negara Pulau Pinang, having fun activities in Escape, and spending time together outside office hours. I remember some of them played badminton and sepak takraw just to loosen up.

Those are great memories that I wish will not washed away. Here I share some of the photos. Chow!