Good and not-so-good news

Alhamdulillah. That is all I can say when I saw the result of my MUET exam. Well of course I have shouted for joy a few times. I manage to obtain Band 4 which is required for me to qualified myself to graduate for Bachelor (Hons) TESL. I am so afraid at first because I thought I have to repeat the exam. But yeay me! And I would like to thanks my buddies Aishah Nazlan and Ashikin Rahmat for the speaking practice we had together. That really help me to at least reduce the nervous I had.

That is the good news. Now, the not-so-good news. I have already check my semester 3's result. My heart is little devastated because my GPA drop by 0.62. That number is huge. Not only that. I got C for my teaching subject. Yeah I admit I did not do well during the exam. My bad. But what else can I do now other than try my best for the 4th semester.

I'm going back to my hostel this Sunday and started my new semester on Monday. Till then.

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