Ambil penyapu, sapu sikit blog ni. Lama sangat dah tinggal sampai berhabuk tebal dah boleh buat bedak. Hihi. Assalamualaikum!

First thing first, life update. I have just finish my third sem in my first year of degree. I am currently waiting for my result. Aaaaaa! How terrifying because this is the first time I feet like I am in a university, taking university's subjects. But I have done my best and let's hope for the best result. I am also been waiting for my MUET result that might come out on Jan, 5th next year. Again, Aaaaa! For me to able to grad for my degree, I have to obtain at least Band 4. Heyy, you are taking B.Ed TESL. Of course you have to be good in English. Yes, but ermm ermm. Nevermind. All I know is I have done my best. My friend and I. We have done our best.


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