My School Holiday. Hehe :)

Assalamualaikum and good morning to teacher and friends.
Today I would like to tell you guys about my last year school holiday.
My holiday wasn't as fun and exciting as yours. During the school holiday, I just sitting at home and doing nothing. Opps.. I'm doing something. Most of my time I spent on onlining myspace, facebook and blogs. I don't go for a vacation because my dad are buzy working. :'(
Anyway,before the school get started, on 3rd January I spent the whole day with my bestfriends Taca and Sarina. We hangout at The Store.
We got there at 12 p.m and straight to the food court because Taca got really really hungry. Haha :)
Then we go around and around to search for bag and shoes. Sarina want to bought a pair shoes because she's going back to her college. But then it became like a reunion! As Sarina have worked there before, she met her friends who are still work there and have a long long long chat. Taca and I have to stand nearby for as long as we can remember. Its really a tiring day for me. After a few hours walking walking walking around, we stop at the food court and dig in baby! haha :))
We ate nasi ayam and I have apple juice for drink. After finished eating, we snap snap snap pictures! I love it :)


Taca & Sarina :)

Then we continue shopping! After a few hours we stop at McD, my favourite spot, hehe ;)
We dig that sundae and snap snap snap again!

Me & Sarina

Itu lah. Aku kena cerita pasal holiday aku kat depan kelas. Just practice untuk Speaking MUET. Grammar dah lah berterabur, ahah. Tak apa. Teacher Khadijah boleh betulkan. Tahun ni semangat aku lain sikit. Nak STPM lah katakan. Yeah! Maybe aku tak boleh update selalu blog ni. Jarang kot nak online sekarang ni. Apa apa pun aku harap aku boleh hadapi semua cabaran Form  6 ni. Amin..


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